A couple of years ago, I ran across a post that wasn’t your typical New Years Resolution type posts.  Instead of focusing on a goal, the post encouraged people to focus on a word, or a theme if you will, for that year.  (This year’s post can be found here).

For 2009, my word was Joy. I wanted to focus on finding the little joy, the everyday joy, as well as the big joys in life.  For 2010, my word was New. And boy was 2010 a year of NEW!  For 2011, my word is quiet.

I’ve begun to understand that quiet has very little to do with volume.  One of the verses I always struggled with in the Bible was the passage in 1 Peter about having a gentle and quiet spirit.  Anyone who knows me would probably never describe me as “quiet”.  Just about everyone in my life at one point or another has asked me to lower my voice or not be so loud.  But being “quiet” is more about an inner stillness.  You can have peace, calm, serenity, and quiet in the midst of a large noisy crowd.  Its about the noise in your own head.

So this year, 2011, I want to find those quiet places, those quiet moments, even in the midst of the chaos.  And beleive me, there will be some chaos.  With a 2 year old and a newborn due any minute, there is bound to be some noise in this place.

A quiet moment can be having a deep conversation with my husband. Or it can be a loud tickle fight with my two year old.  Its about being still and taking it in, not taking for granted the moment as it passes by.  Our pastor started out this year with a series on Peace and it has been really awesome.  One of the things he has said that really struck me was about the story of Jesus calming the sea.  When the disciples were freaking out because a storm was rocking their ship, Jesus simply said to the storm – Peace, be still.  He didn’t command the clouds to go away, the sun didn’t come out, and birds didn’t start chirping.  The sea was simply calm.  We can be in the midst of complete chaos, but remain quiet, calm, and still.  Again, its about the noise in our own heads, in our own hearts, in our own spirits.

So, 2011, with all its noise, excitement, chaos, and thrills, is going to be a year of QUIET.


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