sweet moments

I’m new at this parenting-of-boys thing. I’ve only been doing it for 7 weeks now. But I do understand that I won’t be able to cuddle and kiss and squeeze and love on him for too long … way un-cool, MOM! So I’m getting it all in while I can… and while he can’t do anything about it! With Charlotte we were very rigid about her sleeping schedule and making sure she learned how to go to sleep on her own.  And as with most 2nd children, we are a bit more relaxed with James.  Most of the time he goes to sleep on his own in his crib in his own room, and he has learned quite well.  But then there are times when he drifts off to sleep in my arms.  And then there are rare moments like yesterday. After a sleepy first morning feeding, I took James back into our room to play and coo and entertain his daddy.  Before long, he fell asleep with his sweet head on my pillow. Just laying next to him, heads touching, breathing together … I wish I could capture that sweetness and keep it forever.

this is probably the only picture that will ever exist of James with a pacifier, the boy just doesn’t like them!


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