Today is our Fifth Wedding Anniversary. I met Jamie when I was 16 (over 10 yrs ago, woah!).  But it wasn’t until January 7, 2011 that I realized how much I need him by my side.

During the labor and delivery of my daughter, back in 2008, he was right there with me. But so were the nurses and doctors. So his role was pretty much just to stand there.  But at the birthing center, it was just me and him.  The midwives don’t really step in until the delivery.  So all those long hours of tough contractions, questions, and doubts, Jamie was there. He was my rock. He held my hand, talked me through the contractions, rocked with me, hummed with me (long story), helped me make some tough decisions, swayed with me, and kept me going when I thought I couldn’t.

I begin to realize that day how much I need him. Not just in the hard times, but in every day. He brings a lightness, a joy to my life.  When I see the dark clouds, he sees the sunshine behind them.  He keeps me grounded, and helps me dream.  I’m so glad he chose me.



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