Photo Challenge Day 2

Oops, I just started and I already skipped a day! Well, lets just pick up where I left off … Day 02 – A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.

So that is a picture of my brother Sean, my sister Erin, and me. I’m the cute bald one. When I was thinking about who to post a picture of, a couple of people came to mind, but I’m either not close with them anymore or they haven’t been with me very long. So I thought- the one person I’ve been closest to the longest would be: Me.

When I was younger, I always had a best friend or two.  We would be together at school, at each other’s houses, or on the phone. But we were always together.  Then high school came, I got redistricted away from all my best friends. Then college came, and just about every semester I had new roommates.  Then I got married, and now I have kids.  I’ve noticed from talking to other people, that as we get older, we don’t usually have that one “best friend”.  I really struggled with this for awhile, until Pastor Connie said something that really set me straight.  Anytime I’ve heard someone in church teach about friends/loneliness, they always say “Jesus is your best friend”. Yeah, thats great and all, but I would also like a flesh and blood person to lean on sometimes.  So one day, in a conversation with other pastors wives as we discussed this very same issue, Pastor Connie said– Jesus will always be there for you. He may be wearing different skin, but He’s always there.  We have friends for a season, we learn from them and also teach them, but more often than not, those seasons change and new friends come into our lives.  That really took the pressure off. Knowing that its okay when friends move on, and its okay to move on to other friends.

So with all of that said, the person I’ve been closest with the longest is me. And I’m just coming to terms with that. There are so many layers, so many things about myself that I haven’t even discovered yet.  God made each of us so intricate and complicated (in a good complicated kind of way), that it takes our whole lifetimes just to discover ourselves and our own abilities.


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