the egg

We dyed Easter eggs today!  It was the first time Charlotte had ever dyed eggs. And it had been YEARS since Jamie or I had done it, so it was a re-learning experience!

We got a little crafty with our eggs. I’d read on several different blogs about different techniques for adding neat-o designs to your eggs.  And I think I did very well with not hijacking the fun and didn’t insist that all eggs be dyed by me 🙂  First, let me show you the whole batch, then I’ll tell you about the design stuff!

First, you’ll notice that each one has a number on it. I did this by writing on each egg before dyeing with a white crayon.  I plan to use this for two purposes: (1) as a learning tool for Charlotte and (2) so I know we found all our eggs (one year as a kid, my brother didn’t find all the eggs … ).  Next time I will be a bit more careful with my penmanship and also make the numbers thicker for more effect. Here’s a closer picture of the numbered egg. (Sorry my thumb looks uber gross, green/yellow dye isn’t the most appealing color)

We also tried a sticker technique.  I had read somewhere, don’t know where, that you could put stickers on the egg and then it will leave a white spot under the stickers.  I had some star stickers and smiley face stickers (for circles), so we gave it a try.

The paper smiley face stickers didn’t work so well. They got wet and started to peel.  The key is to let the egg dry completely before peeling the stickers, but even still, the paper stickers weren’t so good.  The star stickers were the shiny foil type, and those were awesome!!

We also tried wrapping a rubber band around an egg for some stripes. The rubber band we used was way to big and started to slip off in the dye. Next time we’ll use a tighter band.

We even did some double dipping. With the rubber band egg, we dipped it first in green, let it dry, then put the rubber band on and dipped it in blue.  On one egg, we dyed it pink, let it dry, then put stickers on and dyed it in green– which turned it orange? And we also did the classic, dyed multi-colors!

One of the eggs cracked during boiling, but we decided to go with it anyway. We put a “zero” on the back, and drew Frankenstein on the front. But the cracks didn’t show up like I thought they would, so the Frankenstein doesn’t make as much sense. But he’s cute anyway!

This may all sound very simplistic to some of you more “experienced” egg dyers, but for us newbies, we were quite pleased.

Clearly, I’m not the only one happy about our Easter eggs!


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