Realizing my dreams, unfortunately.

I’ve always said that when I get old, I wanted to be one of those grandmas who has long grey hair.  Perhaps its the confidence those women portray by letting their hair be natural. Maybe its the hippie buried deep inside that longs to one day be let out.  My sister and mother first starting greying when they were teenagers.  I did not. In fact I can say with complete confidence, that I have never found a single grey hair.  Until now.

There she is. In all her tiny grey glory.  Please excuse the Danny Zuko look, I had just taken a shower when I spotted the beast.  So now I’m faced with a dilemma.  Embrace my vision, albeit WAAAAAYYY sooner than I ever hoped it would begin.  Or live in denial, yank it out, and pretend nothing ever happened.  I’m sure some of you are probably laughing hysterically at me, for fretting over this less than 2 inches long grey hair.  But its a sign that I’m not 16 anymore… and I’m dealing with that.  I need to feel a bit better, so I would LOVE to hear your stories of discovering your first grey, or your nightmares at the thought of that day ever happening.  And what are your thoughts- go natural or DYE baby DYE?

On to other hair news, cause I know you care. My poor shower drain just cannot keep up with this postpartum hair loss.  After Charlotte was born, it wasn’t that bad. I do think I remember posting something about going bald. But in retrospect, that was NOTHING.  Each time I shower, I have to clear off the drain at least once, and today I had to clean it off 3 TIMES!  Ugh.  The hormones that go along with having a boy.

So, to sum this all up- I found a grey hair, and I’m not completely sure if I will have any hair left to dye.  How’s THAT for a bad hair day?!

But seriously, please share your stories, I’m interested to hear them… I could use a good laugh! Or cry. Both are therapeutic!


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