forget the instruction manual!

I’ve often wished that children came with an instruction manual. Or even a remote control, with buttons like “feed” “change diaper” “mute”. Haha. Don’t judge me, you know you’ve thought the same thing. But today I realized that an instruction manual isn’t enough. Today I discovered something that I wish had come pre-installed.  I never, ever, in my life, ever thought I’d have to teach my child how and where to throw up. I thought this was just instinctual. Nope. Its not.

Charlotte woke up this morning crying about a tummy ache. As we were sitting on the couch watching a cartoon, she started crying again, and then it happened. All over my shirt. I rushed her to the bathroom, where she proceeded to empty her empty tummy in every direction BUT towards the toilet. I’m just thankful it happened before breakfast. Ew. Jamie and I both took turns holding her hands down and leaning her over the toilet. Well, three outfits and a couple of naps later, she’s doing fine. Needless to say, today is a couch day. Pajamas, cartoons, snuggles, and naps.

Yeah, I’m good with that.


One thought on “forget the instruction manual!

  1. haha isn’t that true!!! or when you teach the boy to pee into the bowl but still manages to pee everywhere but in it.. yuck gross!!
    I want to hire a cleaning person just to clean up those types of messes lol

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