Seasoned Chicken

I have this thing with chickens. I dislike them. And that’s putting it nicely. Granted, I like to eat them. Especially battered and deep fried and in a Bojangles box. But alive– no thank you. Their beady little eyes (searching out access and opportunity to get you in the jugular), their beaks and talons (sharpened and ready for attack)… it all gives me the willies.  Yet, I find myself being one. A big chicken. More precisely, a chicken with its head cut off. Honestly, I’ve never seen this in person (Praise The LORD!), but I’ve heard that when they get their heads cut off they can still run around like a crazy person er, chicken until they finally die. They are no longer controlled by their brains, they are just a bundle of nerves firing off one last time.  And I feel like thats what I’ve been lately- running around doing things with no rhyme or reason behind them.

And wouldntyaknowit, God’s been trying to get me to see this for months. First it was Terri Savelle Foy speaking at the Women’s Conference about building a dream notebook. And I bought the dream notebook… and its sitting quietly and patiently on my shelf waiting for me to get to it.  God’s been subtly speaking to me, as He usually does, about new dreams, old dreams, and other ages of dreams. Then Tuesday night Pastor Steve hit it home- its all about SEASONS.  All along I’ve been that person standing at the window staring out at the snow wishing for spring and wasting time when I should have been shoveling the driveway.  You can’t change things by wishing they were different.  We all go through seasons in life. The key is to recognize what season you are in, and get the most out of it.

I’ve been running around my life jumping from one thing to another, wishing I was getting more done.  I need to take some time out- reflect- observe- and resolve to get the most out of this season of life.  It may take some editing. It may take some slowing down. It may take some speeding up. But whatever it takes to get it done, I will be the best me I can be in this season.

And now I’m hungry for some Bojangles! 🙂


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