my coupon adventure

So I tried my hand at Harris Teeter’s Triple Coupon dealy. And before I start, let me preface this with the fact that my 8 month old son was hungry and tired and my daughter was more fidgety and wiggly than normal. So, of course, I thought this would be the perfect time to battle the … well, whatever is to be battled during Triple Coupon week.  I actually learned some things. Well, not so much learned as confirmed some suspicions. I’ll start with my winning deals:

(Warning- these may not seem huge to you, but I’m excited, so ooooh and aaaah with me)

Nature’s Valley Trail Mix Bars – 3.19 + (0.69 VIC Sale) + (1.50 Coupon) = 1.00

Newman’s Own Salsa – 2.99 +(1.50 Coupon) = 1.49

MorningStar Veggie Corn Dogs – 4.49 + (1.15 VIC Sale) + (2.25 Tripled Coupon) = 1.09

2 Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix – 5.50 + (1.50 VIC Sale) + (2.25 Coupon) = 1.75

3pk Ivory Bar Soap – 1.69 + (1.05 coupon) = 0.64


So while I’m excited about those deals, I confirmed a suspicion of mine — There are times when you can find a better deal than the coupon price if you look around.  Here are 3 personal examples–

1. I had a (1.50 Coupon) for Pampers. And when I got to BJ’s, they had a (4.00 Coupon) also. The box of Pampers was $42.99.  Luvs, on the other hand, was $28.99 for the same size box. So I was able to get diapers AND wipes for the same price I would have gotten the Pampers with all those coupons.

2. I got the HT today with a couple of coupons for sugar, which was awesome cause I was out. But when I got the the aisle, the Dominoes Sugar was completely gone. So I looked around to see if that was really the best deal and if it was worth coming back later in the week for.  The Dominoes Sugar was $4.49 and with the (1.95 coupon), it would have been $2.54. But another brand of sugar, same size, was 2.17.

3. Barilla Pasta Sauce was completely out, just like the sugar. So I looked around there too. Barilla sauce was about $3.50 and the (1.65 coupon) would make it 1.85. But another brand was 1.37.


So, my conclusions are– know your prices and keep your eyes open.




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