Big Things

I love The Voice. So much more than American Idol. The Voice feels more professional, a higher caliber of performer, more well-rounded. Less William Hung. But like AI, and any reality show, they share the struggle story of every contestant. As I was watching this afternoon, the story of one guy made me think – I want my kids to go for something big. Something huge, something more than just average and easy. I don’t think that means they have to sing or dance or act or something big and public like that. But go for something they don’t really know they’ll succeed at because its so big and such a stretch. For each of them, I’m sure that will be a totally different thing… I just want them to go for something bigger than they can do on their own. 

So that led me to the question – what am I pursuing? Am I setting an example of mediocrity, an easy, no-struggle existence? Or as they grow, will they see me go for big goals and big dreams? There’s always that cliche of wanting your children to have more than you did. But am I making that too easy for them to accomplish? If I set the bar of dreams and pursuit of goals too low, what do they have to work for? Obviously, my kids are amazing and the best in the world, so it won’t be hard for them to accomplish very cool things without much effort 😉 . So, I need to go after big things… (no pressure). 



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