My name is Jennifer Tobler. I am 25, married to the coolest guy ever, and attend church at the best place ever! Life is good… I have been married for 3 years, and I have two puppies and our daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth, was born on July 16th, 2008! I am a Domestic Engineer (aka stay home mommie!). I graduated in 2005 from Elon University with a BA in Human Services. Before that, I graduated in 02 from Millbrook High School in Raleigh NC. I spend my free time (haha) with the LW Student Ministries and am the Director of Stage20. So yeah … that’s me.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw one of your blog posts at babypriase.com that your child was listening to a CD of spanish bible songs. Can you tell me where I can find out more about this CD? My wife is from Guatemala and we are very much trying to help our son grow up knowing both languages… and … the spiritual content is a definite plus!

    Thanks much,

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